After years of research, we’ve developed a modular process technology with individual pieces of equipment to process all types of plastic waste. How? Our technology can take virtually any type of plastic waste – PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, EPS, nylon, etc. – with varied levels of organic or fiber contamination, and turn those materials into new products for resale. There is no other technology in the world today that can process plastic waste the way our technology does.

Intra-Flow Processing Technology™ (Patent Pending)

Our Intra-Flow Processing Technology™ is the only sustainable technology capable of supporting waste diversion of plastic garbage away from landfills, toward complete environmental protection – all the while generating new product opportunities from the waste stream.

We call our modular systems GreenGators – which are stand alone material re-purposing plants that can be seamlessly integrated into your current facility. Some of the many products that can be manufactured include:

  • interlocking paving “stones”
  • floor tiles
  • fence posts
  • enclosures
  • coated lumber
  • dock bumpers
  • deck boards
  • pallets

Overview: Our Processing Technology

The most basic of processing plants is our GreenGator 100, a single compounding extruder with a single 20-tool carousel. It delivers the most compact and fluid processor of plastic waste into re- purposed products.

Our most complex system is the GreenGator 4004. It is a fully integrated, completely programmable processing technology – with up to four different material input streams, and four separate product outputs. All material input is metered and mixed using our GreenGator Multi-Material Management System™.

The GreenGator 4004 can handle any materials in categories 1-7, including difficult to process materials like film and laminated materials, carpet, expanded polystyrene, etc.

Other combinations of equipment – the GreenGator 200, 1001, 2002, and 3003 – are volume variations of our processing technology. Look at some of the exceptional features of the basic Intra-Flow Processing Technology™:

  • All systems come complete with an integrated GreenGator Control Technology™ module.
  • Materials achieve full material homogenization due to the process.
  • Capable of integrating various material types during the process.
  • Capable of processing any significant level of contaminated materials.
  • All systems monitor and mitigate moisture levels to ensure consistent product quality.
  • A dynamic bi-lateral venting system ensuring regulated pressure control.
  • A unique screw flight angle combination to mitigate pressure damage to production moulds.

And, some of our equipment features:

  • Rigid bases with leveling pads and ‘docking’ points for improved equipment connectivity.
  • Steel cast frames for durability and increased in-use longevity.
  • Heavy-duty double reduction gear reducers for better torque control.
  • Equipment sensor coordination and data logging via the GreenGator Control Technology™.
  • AC drives systems with ‘balanced’ gearbox configurations to reduce HP requirements.
  • Easy, standardized wire management system.
  • Fully ‘sensored’ systems to reduce or even eliminate operator error or faulty materials.

Just to name a few!

Detailed Plant Descriptions

If you made it this far, you may be interested in learning more about the business opportunities available. Take a look at the plant descriptions and give us a call!

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